Does having my car serviced by AYCEN within the warranty period affect the manufacturer’s guarantee?

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The short answer is no.

As we fit genuine parts, have the training and equipment and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and schedules, your warranty is protected by law and the manufacturer has to honour their warranty obligations to your vehicle.

Consumer choice

Servicing restrictions were lifted in May 2004 following a MORI report on behalf of the OFT into the effect of car warranties on the car aftersales market. The large majority of customers were unaware of the options available to them when choosing a garage — over two thirds of those interviewed believed their warranty would be invalidated if they used an independent garage, even when this was not the case, and that servicing through a franchised dealer was necessary to maintain their vehicle’s second-hand value. Two years later, these beliefs die hard.

The ties were lifted to improve consumer choice and encourage competition between franchised and independent garages. Up to that point, franchised dealers had been carrying out 90% of servicing of cars up to three years old. However, the franchises were typically more expensive, without any appreciable difference in the quality of service.

50% savings on main dealers

At AYCEN, we are confident our average labour charge is 50% less than your main dealer with all the benefits of a specialist repairer. So not only is your warranty intact, we guarantee to make it easier on your pocket.