If you haven’t driven in a while, tyre and brake issues on vehicles

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 Keep safe an check before you drive
If you haven’t driven in a while we recommend checking the pressure of your tyres. Especially if you’re taking a journey on a motorway where higher speeds may be involved. If you don’t know what pressure your tyres should be the recommended pressures are on the inside of the fuel or charge flap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e3_yOqMjcI You can also view the current pressure of your tyres on the instrument cluster after a few minutes driving.
If your car has been left in wet or damp conditions, a thin layer of surface oxidisation can build up on the surface of the brake discs. This may mean they sound a little noisy at first. This is perfectly normal and gently applying the brakes when driving will help clear this.

Thanks to Mercedes UK for this advice
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