• Accident Repairs
  • I’ve recently had a bump in my car and my insurance company is insisting I use their ‘approved repairers’. I’d prefer to send the car to someone I already know and trust – why not you?

    Contrary to popular belief, you are legally entitled to have your vehicle repaired by the bodyshop of your choice. Many insurance companies will direct claims towards their own 'approved repairers', irrespective of their expertise in specific makes of car.

    AYCEN have no insurance ‘approvals’ but we work for all insurance companies daily. We’re under no pressure to maintain margins and we don’t have a cost conscious insurer standing over us, so we can take the time required to do the job properly. A poor repair can take over three years to show signs to the untrained consumer eye – usually outside the standard three year warranty period. AYCEN guarantees the repair for life. No quibble.

  • Okay, so now I know I can use you to have my car repaired – I’ve had a bump, what do I do now?

    We recommend you call us first – we’ll pick up your car and put you in a courtesy car. The, when you report the accident, simply give the insurer details of the incident and inform them the car is with AYCEN and let us deal with them.

    We will also give you that 10% bottom line discount which the approved repairer gives to the insurer, against your excess. So a £1000 repair, with an excess of £100 on the policy, costs you nothing. A £600 repair means your excess would only cost you £40. We pay the rest.

    Read our news item ‘Repairs, insurance and your excess’ for further information.

  • Does having my car serviced by AYCEN within the warranty period affect the manufacturer’s guarantee?

    No. As we fit only genuine parts, have the specialist training, diagnostic tools and equipment and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and schedules, your warranty is protected by law.The AYCEN Group will guarantee that any work we undertake will be in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines for the vehicle and will not invalidate your warranty. We will deal with any issues arising directly from this matter, at no cost to the customer.

    At AYCEN, we are confident our average labour charge is 50% less than your main dealer with all the benefits of a specialist repairer. So not only is your warranty intact, we guarantee to make it easier on your pocket.

  • Guarantees
  • What sort of guarantees do you give?

    All mechanical repairs, unless stated differently on the invoice, are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months or 12000 miles.

    All paint related items are guaranteed for life.

    On request all replaced parts are available for inspection at the time of collection. Should you have a query or if you wish to make a claim against any part of our guarantee, please contact us on 084 5050 4040.

  • Warranty
  • Can I bring my new car to you for servicing and repairs or am I bound to the main dealer until the warranty expires?

    Servicing restrictions were lifted in May 2004 by the Office of Fair Trading. By law, any repair carried out by trained personnel, using equipment fit for the task and following the manufacturer’s recommended repair procedures, cannot affect the warranty of the vehicle.

    In a nutshell, you are free to take your car to an independent garage for its servicing and repairs provided these are carried out in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Servicing
  • Do you cover any make of car?

    True, we specialise in the top marques – BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Audi and Volvo – but we are happy to deal with any make or model of vehicle

  • Do you provide a courtesy car?

    Yes, subject to availability. We advise a lead time of a week when you book your service or repair if a courtesy vehicle is required. We will also pick up and deliver your vehicle back to you at an agreed location, by arrangement and subject to driver availability.

    We aim to make your motoring experience as trouble free and convenient as possible and we are happy to discuss your requirements at the time of booking.

  • How far can I go without a service?

    Regular car servicing can extend the life of your vehicle. But, as technology develops and cars become more efficient, warranties extend and so does your car's recommended service interval.

    The service intervals for new cars may be 18,000 miles to two years. You should consult your service manual for the period specified by your car's manufacturer. Many models are now programmed to tell you when they require a service.

    That said, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a once over – at minimum charge –whatever the manufacturer's specified service interval. Let us pick up on potential problems before they become costly nightmares.

    For further information about service intervals, see our news item 'Service intervals. How far should you go without one?'