Tyres and Wheel alignment essentials

Tyres and wheel alignment

Keeping a regular check on your wheel alignment and tyres (especially in winter) won’t just save you time and money in the long term – it might save your life.

To the skilled technician, those four chunks of rubber reveal a lot more than you might think about the general health of your car – worn shocks, how the car has been driven, incorrect tyre pressure and wheel alignment can all be seen by a quick check of tyre wear. Why not book a quick safety check by clicking the link below?

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Wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

Tyre contact with the road is essential for safety, and wheel alignment is a critical part of that contact.

Normal driving usually doesn’t show slight wheel misalignment but It only takes one unanticipated pothole, and there is no shortage of those at the moment, to change the way your car handles. The time the rubber contact to the road surface becomes critical is that moment when the unexpected happens and you have to swerve or brake violently. As you’ve probably already experienced there are micro seconds and millimetres between collision and avoidance!

Most modern cars are full of safety system designed to keep you in control but wheel misalignment will cause tyre wear and reduce the tyre grip efficiency. We have the right equipment and years of experience in this field. That’s why we are the preferred contractor for race vehicle and high-speed pursuit cars in Greater Manchester.

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Make sure you drive vehicle drives safely.

Service plus – the other stuff

  • Electrical repairs.
  • Rapid fit tyres, battery and exhaust service.
  • Wheel alignment to racing spec.
  • Air conditioning service and repairs.
  • In car phone upgrades.
  • Satnav installation and upgrades.
  • In car camera installs.
  • Reversing camera installs.
  • Parts supply.
  • Tyre supply.
  • Alloy wheel repairs.