Why use a quality controlled garage?

Why use a Quality controlled garage.

We understand how important getting it right first time every time is, that’s why we are a quality controlled garage. This means that independent agencies come into our sites, and check the quality of work and systems that we use on a daily basis. This ensures that we run produce high-quality results every day that gives the customer excellent value and service.

All our process and procedures focus on this fundamental principle. With some of the biggest names in the automotive industry partnering with us to ensure this happens.

  • AYCEN group is regularly audited by our own trade association and carry the Retail Motor Industry Quality Control Standard for Independent Garages.
  • CARSQA audit AYCEN’s body shop facility to conform with the British Standard BS10125

As you can see the AYCEN Group is audited by no less than 4 outside bodies to ensure that the quality of the work and systems meet exacting standards. These exacting standard lift even further our outstanding levels of customer service and satisfaction.