AYCEN 16 Point Vehicle Safety Check

Peace of mind safety checkOnly £27.50 + VAT 50% off if you book online

Our 16 Point Vehicle Safety Check covers

  • Lights
    • Check lights – side, reverse, number plate, fog, brake lights, indicators and headlights
  • Fluids
    • Check cooling system for leaks and condition of radiator and hoses
    • Check anti freeze and coolant – top up.
  • Brakes
    • Check brake disc/drums for wear, cracks, scoring and corrosion
    • Check wheel cylinders for leaks and operation
    • Check brake callipers for leaks and operation
    • Visually check brake pipes for leaks, chaffing and corrosion
    • Check brake fluid level – top up
  • Windscreen
    • Check windscreen including wipers condition and operation
    • Check windscreen washer operation and levels – top up
  • Battery
    • Check battery and charging system – top up
  • Tyres
    • Check all tyres for condition and pressures, including spare
  • Steering
    • Check steering condition and operation
    • Check power steering fluid – top up
    • Check drive belt condition
    • Check shock absorbers