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Exceptional service at a glance

Car Servicing

Exceptional service at a glance

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All our mechanics have the specialist training, diagnostic equipment and tools required to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and schedules for your particular marque. We fit only OE quality parts and all warranty issues are covered by our customer service.

And we are confident our average cost is 35% less than your main dealer – 50% on labour –with all the benefits of a specialist repairer.

What do we mean by exceptional service?

Exceptional service means we respond quickly and efficiently to your needs, treat you with respect and courtesy and the utmost professionalism.

Our ‘Minimum fuss. Maximum convenience’ philosophy means we will supply a courtesy car – subject to availability – and pick up and deliver your car back to you. Fixed, washed and vacced.

Welcome to the extended service interval

Regular car servicing can extend the life of your vehicle. But, as technology develops and cars become more efficient, warranties extend and so does your car’s recommended service interval.

By investing in a regular check, at minimal charge – whatever the manufacturer’s specified service interval – you can catch potential problems before they become costly nightmares. Service intervals. How far should you go without one?

Benefits of regular servicing

  • Reduce cost of repairs over the life of your vehicle
  • Reduce breakdown risk
  • Reduce time off the road
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Increase product life (tyres, brakes)
  • Increased residual value

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